Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Best Valentine's Day'

IT is the day for love and for lovers. Valentine's Day is when a man romances his woman with flowers, champagne, limousine rides, diamonds and candlelit dinners. It is when women put on their fanciest (or skimpiest) lingerie and plan something very special for the special man in her life. On the following pages celebrities share with EBONY readers the Valentine's Day that stands out in their minds and hearts as the best and most special. Most involved a romantic meal and quality time with the love of their life. Steve Harvey remembers it as the day he proposed to this wife. Charlie Wilson of the Gap Band returned to the romantic beach in Mexico where he had proposed and married his wife the following year. Kelly Price recalls the surprise exotic vacation her husband planned. These anecdotes touch the heart and inspire others to remember their special love on this special day.Patti LaBelle: One Valentine's Day I did a show and my Valentine decorated my dressing room while I was performing. After the show was over, I came back to the room to find candles and rose petals everywhere and a catered dinner for two. I love gifts that are thoughtful.Steve Harvey My best Valentine's was the second Valentine's Day my wife Mary [above lounging at home with Steve] and I spent together. That was when I gave Mary her first engagement ring. She was working for Fashion Fair in a mall outside Dallas, and I stopped by her job and took her to lunch. She was totally surprised when I gave her the ring and asked her to marry me. We'd been seeing each other for about two years then and I wanted to get a commitment that she'd be my lady. I gave her another ring diamond solitaire before we got married. On her last birthday, I upgraded that to a diamond ring.

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