Thursday, January 21, 2010

Census Accelerated:Advance Team For The Tyrant?

Not only has the 2010 US Census been illegally advanced into the present where it is already fully operational, the criminal regime of “Democratic” leftists that grabbed power in 2008, have reconfigured the program to funnel the new census data directly to the White House.
Adding insult to injury, the socialist group known as A.C.O.R.N., already implicated in the Obama election fraud, is receiving payback funds for the execution of the US 2010 Census. Adding an Orwellian high tech spin to the Constitutionally mandated program, the new Census is recording YOUR location into a mobile computing device through the use of the Global Position Satellite coordinates that are now in widespread use.
Any veteran who fought in Fallujah can tell you that GPS data can be used to pinpoint tactical residential targets through a bevy of military capabilities. When it comes to outsiders unfamiliar with the local turf, or even foreign troops seeking to put down resistance, a GPS address can be indispensable. In short, in the words of Steppenwolf’s John Kay from his hit recording Monster, recorded some 30 years ago, “things look bad from over here.”
What’s A Believer To Do?Because ShortwaveWars (as well as our new outreach StreamWars) monitors and comments on political and patriot phenomena from a Christian perspective, we seek to walk in the counsel of Scripture on all things. Although most ministries blindly advise a short-sighted blanket conformity to Caesar’s various edicts, in America the citizen’s are Caesar. Furthermore, we are cautioned by Christ Himself to be as “wise [read clever] as serpents, and harmless as doves” (Matthew 10:16). Although some patriots are belligerently breathing out threats and slaughter concerning this obvious intrusion into our historic privacy, the discerning Christian should sidestep such passionate braying, and seek to carefully deflect further scrutiny. It is painfully obvious the Beast is deploying the low man on the totem pole via minimum wage workers, in a thinly veiled effort to provide data to his Babylonian brain trust. Any severe antagonism directed towards the Spiritually blind Census drones is sure to be recorded for future access, and this is what should be avoided if at all possible. In short, the data collected is very likely designed to seek to ferret out future opposition to the domestic dictatorship that is presently developing. The trick here is to avoid providing the devils with the data they covet, but to do it in a fashion that feigns conformity to Uncle Samuel’s agenda, so as not to flag your locale as a future target. One should speak of our willingness to do our civic duty (the Census is, after all, a Constitutional element), and it might help to understand the façade surrounding the process is related to determining the population with respect to the electoral process. The idea is representation of the populace cannot be proportionately measured unless the government is aware of the actual population numbers.
Your posture can be that you’re happy to do your part, as you are interested in your voice being heard on important political issues, and we all know this is supposed to be the reason for the Census in the first place. Of course it isn’t, but it’s useless to argue with the Census Epsilons at your door. We might suggest the encounter begin with asking for proper identification. A second picture ID, in addition to a Census ID, is entirely appropriate. One can reasonably state they’ve heard about some burglary and/or robbery by people impersonating Census workers. It’s a good idea to write down the name of the Census worker in case the encounter goes bad.

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