Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A nudge towards sobriety and health?

If you picked up a bottle of wine and read on the label "The average British drinker drinks one glass of wine a night", would it make you think twice before refilling your glass?
The Conservatives believe it might - and that public information along those lines is one possible way to reduce binge drinking.
The party has been talking to the alcohol industry about using "social norms" to change behaviour.
In practical terms, that might mean a voluntary agreement that bottles of wine or beer would have labelling information telling you about what the average drinker does.
Peer pressure
The idea is that, by telling people what their friends, neighbours or colleagues do, their natural tendency is to want to fit in and do the same.
So, if you claim "most people" do not binge drink, the argument goes that the public will follow that example.

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