Thursday, January 14, 2010

THE SPORTZ ASSASSIN: A BCS Solution For the MWC and WAC Conferences

I think that both the Mountain West Conference (which TCU is a member of) and the Western Athletic Conference (where Boise resides) have shown that they can produce conference champions capable of doing damage in the BCS. Of the "BCS Busters", the MWC has seen Utah win twice and Hawaii get blown off the field ... while the WAC has seen Boise beat Oklahoma in one of the most thrilling bowl games you'll ever see. These guys deserve a chance.With conference championship games being the rage, why not stage a game between the champs of these two conferences? Why not have TCU battle Boise State for the right to get into a BCS bowl? Yeah, both are in the BCS this year but the fact that they haven't beaten anyone of note in months keeps them out of the national title picture.

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